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Neil Pickles


Yorkshireman still looking for the way home. Rides mostly white bikes, unless they are black, enjoys going uphill but detests descents (wierdo). Dislikes fence posts. Favourite place Eccleston.

Vice Chairman: Chris Hagan


Our resident geek on all things gear ratios. Generally seen riding Italian, British or Taiwanese bikes or chauffeuring the team to sportives in the Korean funbus. Likes going quickly on the flat, carb loading. Dislikes any road that points uphill. A rare commodity usually found next to an upside-down bike.

Secretary: Craig Fairgrieve


Still waiting for Hadrian’s wall to reduce in height so he can climb back over and head home. Until then our climbing champion enjoy hills, hot weather cycling and chairing a good meeting. Our resident ghost and chief hibernator: rarely seen unless the temps are in double figures.

Treasurer: Simon Porter

A slave to the legal profession during the week and of a weekend becomes a cycling superhero. Like hills but can’t get up them, . Rarely seen at the back of the pack.Asks golf professionals for directions when lost 

Male Captain: Andrew Owens


Evertonian who discovered cycling to make up for his footballing disappointments. Mostly rides green Italian bikes. Enjoys wine, steak, cake did we mention wine? Dislikes hills and other people planning routes.

Kit Secretary: Lee Purcell

Our multimedia guru and design champion. Dislikes Hackney carriages. Likes gaining ill deserved medals. Rides bikes that sometimes get bent.

Other Committee Members: Jason Porter


Our calm head and quiet disciplinarian. Sets a good tempo on the front and holds the group together. Sometimes called to give the sermon on a Sunday

Other Committee Members: Phil Moreton


The lesser spotted Moreton is generally incognito in the group waiting for an opportune moment to pull over to the side of the road and take an artistic picture of his bike. A corporate professional. Just don't make him wait


Other Committee members :Keith McLaughlin


Keith is like the office cat never to be seen but always around ,if you need a decision Keith is your man 


About us

“.A cycling club in the Metropolitan Borough of Sefton. Formed in August 2015 by a group of like minded individuals who are solely interested in riding their bikes for fun as well as enjoying hearty cafe stops. ”

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