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Your First Ride

Sefton Velo offers offers many  rides and routes  and caters  for all levels of rider ability, from those just starting there journey in to cycling  to those who are looking to cycle up every hill and smash every mile .
We have many rides including summer night rides ,Saturday leg stretchers and the normal Sunday group rides 

The club every Sunday from Maghull Town Hall.

This is the traditional Sunday ride, with 2 groups the B and C group is ridden at a steady pace, usually 14-15mph average, with a cafe stop. Nobody is left behind.

The A group is for the more experienced rider and will cover normally around 60 plus miles covering some hills, quicker pace, 15-17mph depending on distance/elevation and will occasionally have a drop rule.



Ride Rules

  • Riders are expected to use a roadworthy bike. You may be asked not to ride if your bike is falling apart and/or dangerous.
  • Wear a helmet! You will be turned away without one.
  • Wear suitable clothing for the weather; wearing too much is sometimes worse than wearing not enough!
  • Bring a phone and take some numbers from your companions also give the ride leader your emergency contact details 
  • Bring spare tubes and equipment needed to repair a flat tyre (mini tool, pump). Please make sure you know how to use them
  • Respect your fellow riders and listen to experienced riders
  • Bring enough water/drink to get you to the cafe or food stop plus enough snack food to fuel you through the ride. There's nothing worse than 'bonking' half way through a ride
  • Use the highway code and look out for hand signals from the rider in front.
  • All confident riders will be expected to share the time on the front, rotating through, to even the burden and and protect the newer riders or those having an off day

About us

“.A cycling club in the Metropolitan Borough of Sefton. Formed in August 2015 by a group of like minded individuals who are solely interested in riding their bikes for fun as well as enjoying hearty cafe stops. ”

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